coming up in august: rental of cinema lenses !!

ACSP's little forecast: from May on e19studios will also have a very fine series of lenses and equipment for cinematographers available to rent: e.g. vintage glass from zeiss Jenas up to a series of the legendary cooke speed panchro primes. As we do it right now with sound equipment: we are not a standard rental place. You wont get your gimbals, lights, etc. from us. we just rent out a fine selection of vintage and special lenses.  We will just rent out to a limited number of customers and collaborators to keep things in the family and equipment as mint as possible.  drop me a line for prices and availability.

stay tuned  #speedpanchro #cooke #zeiss #primes #atomosninjav #vintageglass #anamorphic #atomosnijav #4k #dp #plmount #cinematography


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