Here they are!!! The infamous Cooke Speed Panchros!

ACSP's Just arrived! We now have a very fine series of lenses and equipment for cinematographers available to rent: e.g. vintage glass from zeiss Jenas up to a series of the legendary cooke speed panchro primes. As we do it right now with sound equipment: we are not a standard rental place. You wont get your gimbals, lights, etc. from us. we just rent out a fine selection of vintage and special lenses.  We will just rent out to a limited number of customers and collaborators to keep things in the family and equipment as mint as possible.  drop me a line for prices and availability.

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Set sound and soundtrack for John Bock’s Hell’s Bells

Set sound and Soundtrack on John Bock ‘s Hell’s Bells, now screening at Berlinische Galerie and Sadie Coles HQ, London

check the opening and screening times:

The Making of Drone 100

Intel in cooporation with Ars Electronica sets a new world record

The Making of Drone 100 from Intel

check this article  about the whole project.

The first 100 drones ballet synched with a live orchestra.
*Shortlist Cannes Lions 2016

Director: Sergio Abuja
Production Company: VIMBY
Drone 100: Intel – Ars Electronica
Executive Producer: Adam Reno
Producer: Julia Mücke
DP: Andrés Lizana
Music: Walter Werzowa, Roque Baños
Editor: David Rowe, Pablo Fernandez Eyre
Audio Mix: Alex Menck
Color: Marshall Plante, Ntropic
Client: Intel